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the names 18 live in new albany...if u dont kno where thts at oh very guys with piercings its a major turn on....i have one tattoo and my tounge is pierced...gonna get more piercings and tattoos Little girl sexual affection dont rele kno wht im lookin for on here nothing sexual at first i mean dont get me wrong i love sex but i guess i just wanna feel loved.

..i love cuddling and kissing and if your over 28 dont even think about adding me or messaging me i have an age limit


* Hi my name is *Tracy*, I am 18..I am bisexual... I am a redneck.. lol...I am from a little town called Cotton Wood that is in Louisiana basically where a lot of rednecks are, but I am currently living in Texas.

..I have 5 piercings.. Well I have 2 in each ear, my tongue, mi nose and mi belly button... I HAVE TWO TATTOO..I GOT ONE ON MAY, AND THE OTHER ONE JUNE 7... I don't smoke but I love to drink..I love cheerleading its mi life.

. I love shopping, mudding and partying, hanging out with mi friends, I love sports Football is mi favorite, well and cheerleading lol.. I am a very outgoing person.. I am a down to earth type of gurl.

.. I like to meet new people and try new things.. Im not perfect, I make mistakes, but I am as close to perfect am Im going to get.. I made some bad choices in mi life and I am learning from them really well.

.. I am looking for friends.... wanna chat hit me up on , just ask me for mi screen name and Im not a hoe.. I have respect for my body so please dont ask me to show u my body.

. I am tired of all these perverted guys asking to see me naked and wanting nude pics of me..Some guys needs to have respect for females.. I have a cell phone so if ur interested, ask me for my number and if I am interested I will give it to u maybe.

.If ur over 30 ur wasting ur time... Laters This describes me.. Booty Shaking, Heart Breaking, Mad Hott, Never Stop, Short Skirt, Love to Flirt, Tight Jeans, Very Mean, High Class, Nice Ass, Shakin Thys, Candy Eyes, Luscious Lips, Killer Kiss, Tell me can you handle this? So with an X & O I'm out like Whoa~ Lol Im not to high class though Im not on here for a one night stand or a booty call, so dont ask to meet up with me if thats wat u wont(Move On)Guys or gurls with Tattoos and piercings is a plus for me.

.I am looking for a guy or gurl that will be honest with me cuz I hate people that lie, he or she has to have a good personality, a great sense of humor, trustworthy cuz if u cant trust them why be with them, he or she needs self confidence, and he or she cant be a cheater or player and someone that is romantic, but someone that will not romance more than one gurl at a time.

.. I like very athletic guys and gurls..

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hey my name is Jenny im 19 and go to LASC/ university of phoenix. I am in school to become a high school teacher. i love having having type of fun maybe just hanging haha. i love hotels, the beach, texting, BASEBALL/SOFTBALL, cute guys,ipods,my piercings, venice beach, 7/11 coffee,tattoos(on me),90210, naruto, noodles(not ghetto cup a noodles,eww), flirting, my animals, aveeno, the color yellow, skool, posting, interior decoration, the park by jordan, cell phones, teaching, receiving mms, etc.

Im a vegetarian. I have no kids. im a really fun girl to hang out with. well if you wanna know know anything just hit me up.

i only wanna talk to guys if you smoke and/or drink (ANYTHING!!) dont hit me up... i hate people who smoke and drink and party!! i hate the word nigga, ghetto people, fakes, meat, people who talk alot, people who beat around the bush, scary people, lego land, black dolls, winter, "playerz", metal and hard rock, flared out jeans, liars, the color purple (not the movie), surgery, being broke, people who dont like to swim, dikes(OMG), homework, walking, running for run, boring people,etc.

Little girl sexual affection uhm...i dont want a guy to hit me up if he has a picture of his pp, dude thats nasty.

I want a guy preferably darker than me ages 18-24 i guess, good conversation. I want no girls por favor.

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Let me start out by saying First of all..... I am real, I am not a damn webcam girl. Second of all..... quit asking me why Im on here. I have my reasons like everyone else. I know most people on here are looking for bootycalls but Im not.

At the same time though, Im not looking for a boyfriend. I dont know what kind of trash your use to on here but thats not me. If you come at me in a disrespectful way.

... I will BLOCK YOUR NASTY ASS! Regards, Ashley :)I would actually like to meet a nice guy on here if thats possible. I am not on here to hook up with random ass dudes.

If you want a whore, go look through the yellow pages and pay for it bitch!

Being naughty, looking for some fun and may be more

I am direct, Love to laugh and make others laugh. I am very visual and like to talk dirty. I liek to be creative and use every "part". I do not kiss on the mouth but I do everywhere else. I get pleasure from giving pleasure.

Little girl sexual affection Smart, funny, and direct. I like someone who likes attention. Likes to be erotic, naughty and have fun.Can be wild or seductive. Not afraid to make her needs known.

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Fun outgoing man who is into no strings attached sex and also wants to take care of the woman who invest sexy girls gets fucked their time with me. I am adventurous, intelligent, educated from major university and independent.

An independent sexy woman who has high value in herself in public and private. In public everyone knows that she is everything and in private gives it all to me. I love kinky women who love to be thrusted and i love having my nipples and neck kissed.

Lingerie is a huge turn on as well as masterbation.

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Iam from north east Ga, small town of Clayton. Not looking at the moment....but whose to say someone wont catch my attention? Little girl sexual affection Not looking for a . Not looking for anyone or anything inparticular.

...but hey give it a shot you never know

Married couple looking for african-american male or couples. Hoping to fulfill our fantasies.

We are in our mid-30's; athletic, attractive & fun. Little girl sexual affection professional african-american male or professional couple to fulfill fantasies. Must be drug/disease free and very discreet.

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3 tatts used to have snakebites but yeah,had to get rid of them unfortunately. I'm from Fairfax, VA and I'm sexy girls gets fucked up there quite alot I'll add on to this later...buut anything you want to know, just ask and I'll answer :]Normally go for the girls with tatts/piercings.

..but thats not all, just what normally happens.




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